The K O L L E C T I V E 

Look your best, feel your best, be your best

The Kollective Salon & Suites is a luxury salon representing a high class community of talented artist’s and entrepreneurs empowering their guests to level up their beauty persona! 

Our vision at The Kollective Salon & Suites is to continue the great reputation we carry forward from Daesha’s Beauty Bar and continue to become Edmonton’s #1 Salon & Suites, representing a community of beauticians with the highest of standards and quality services. We envision The Kollective Salon & Suites is not only a place that will continue to grow in itself, but with the suite rentals will also allow other top of the line entrepreneurs to take the next step in their business and rent in a luxury store front. We are not only wanting to grow ourselves, but we pride ourselves on growing the beauty industry as a whole.

Our Story

Our founder and CEO Daesha started lashing in 2016 and quickly fell in love with the art. After relocating from Calgary to Edmonton she founded Daesha's Beauty Bar, through Daesha's Beauty bar she expanded her services and began training other young people wanting to be apart of the industry. Daesha saw the need for an inclusive, cutting edge and positive client experience based salon and rental suite space. In 2021 Daehsa took the step and opened The Kollective. 


Meet The Team